Mt. Hope Elevator

Mt. Hope Elevator was started in 1923 at the facility where the mill rests today. The mill ownership was transferred multiple times before we purchased the company from our long-time friend, Duane Hord of Hord Livestock in Bucyrus, OH in 2020. Join us in celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2023.  

At Mt. Hope Elevator, quality and variety of equine and canine feed and nutrition are our hallmarks. With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing top-notch solutions for all your animal feed and nutrition needs. We understand that every customer and animal is unique, and that's why we have a team of dedicated nutrition experts on staff. Their expertise and problem-solving skills enable us to offer tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements for your farm and homestead. Whether you're looking for nutritional advice, specialized products, or personalized recommendations, we are here to help.  

MT Hope Elevator Exterior of Grain Elevators

Commitment to Quality

Mt. Hope Elevator has chosen to use only non-GMO corn for the past years in feed mixed at the Mt Hope facility. We started the Avena brand to separate our completely non-GMO feeds from our feeds that are partially non-GMO. We source many commodities from local farmers to maintain our commitment to you and provide you with only the best in the field.  

MT Hope Elevator Shelves in Storeroom

Our Purpose

  • Educate people on animal nutrition and health.
  • Source and provide healthy animal feed and nutritional solutions.
  • Be the animal health and feed supplier of choice in local community.

Our Vision

Develop and build an organization that inspires people to reach their God-given potential. Preserve our Anabaptist heritage of faith, family, and community.

Our Mission

  1. Honor God, be a light to the world.
  2. Provide a safe Christian environment.
  3. Develop strong relationships.
  4. Pursue excellence.
  5. Build a lean enterprise.
  6. Deliver beyond expectations.

Guiding Principles