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Harmonizing With Nature

Natural Way Minerals (NWM) is a family-owned livestock nutrition and animal health company that has been serving the farming community since 2006. They are devoted to providing small family farms and livestock producers with the knowledge and products necessary for profitable, sustainable agriculture.

Natural Way Minerals offers a full line of products that bring the gift of natural mineral life to your livestock herd. By using the ancient life that has decomposed to its mineral state (recognized as ionic mineral complex) as the base along with minimal amounts of processed minerals of high availability to complete the required balance, then blending vitamins, probiotics and various ingredients to support the functions of your livestock, we believe will provide years of productivity for your herd when fed daily.

Natural Way Minerals’ Mission

Their mission is to harmonize with nature, achieve excellent performance, and provide prompt, friendly service.

How These Minerals Were Discovered…

In 1932 an invisible threat known as the swine flu swept through the south, leaving the swine farmers reeling. At that time, there were no “factory farms” but rather small family farms in rural woodlands and on small lots.

In the midst of this era, a tale unfolded of a farmer raising swine in the vicinity of the current mine where the minerals used in NWM products are extracted. One day a breach in the pigpen's fence let loose a group of pigs, their curious snouts leading them to the mine's edge. Here, they found an unusual meal – mineral–laden clay. Later, as the deadly tide of swine flu surged, it spared not a single pig on the small hog ranch except the small band of pigs that had dined on the clay.

Word of this miraculous occurrence reached the ears of the local veterinarian, who wrote an article about it for his professional journal. When news spread to the bustling city of Chicago, a group decided to visit the area, eager to begin researching the properties of this remarkable clay. From this group emerged a company that is still prospering today.

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HPW Amazing Grace started her life in an “amazing” way. She was separated from her mother at birth for at least three days, lost in the woods. Finding her alive and well was nothing short of a miracle.

She was eligible to be entered in the superior Morgan sweepstakes, however her age and condition stacked the odds against her. Thanks to Buckeye Mare’s Milk and Buckeye Foal Starter she was doing pretty good, however she was still challenged with the typical issues that can come from being raised as an orphan. Weeks before her training was to start, she started with a bad respiratory problem.

Harry was introduced to Natural Way Minerals Knockout a few days before we had to make the final decision on who to take. And Knock Out definitely showed up in the clutch. After only a few days, our Grace was better than ever and heading to Indiana to the Superior Morgan Sweepstakes. In a field of more than 60 weanlings, HPW Amazing Grace came in as the Reserve Champion! Knock Out is now a staple at our stable. It is definitely an amazing product!

- Harry Weaver & Emma Raber, HP Weaver Stables

Amazing Grace 3

 Grace when she was found
at three days old.

Amazing Grace 2

Reserve Champion at the
Superior Morgan Sweepstakes

Amazing Grace

Reserve Champion at the
Superior Morgan Sweepstakes

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Protocol For Mares That Won’t Conceive

Feed the following minerals as instructed.

Mineral Balancer - Free choice all year

Hy-Brix Equine Breeder Pak - Starting January 1st, top dress 2oz. daily until conceived. Top dress 1oz. daily the rest of the year.

Vita-Min Liq Equine - Starting January 1st, top dress 4 oz daily until conceived. Top dress 1 oz daily the rest of the year.

Knock Out Equine - Starting 30 days prior to breeding, top dress 4oz. daily until checked in foal.


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Massive Koz started showing swelling, nasal discharge, and signs of strangles only weeks before the Memorial Day Trotting Sale. We started him on Knock Out Extreme and within 5 days the swelling and nasal discharge was gone.
Marvin Miller, Clark Acres Equine

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