NWM Mineral Balancer

Free Choice Mineral

Mineral Balancer is an ionic mineral and sea salt complex containing the macro, minor and trace minerals, including rare earth elements. This is a highly available mineral that has great results in improving overall health.

  • Highly Available
  • Blood Builder
  • Economical and Productive
50 lb bag

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Calcium
    Min 0.08%
  • Calcium
    Max 0.09%
  • Phosphorus
    Min 4.50%
  • Salt
    Min 19.50%
  • Salt
    Max 23.00%
  • Potassium
    Min 1.00%
  • Magnesium
    Min 0.55%
  • Sulfur
    Min 2.00%
  • Iron
    Min 0.10%
  • Zinc
    Min 60 ppm
  • Copper
    Min 60 ppm
  • Iodine
    Min 3 ppm
  • Selenium
    Min 20 ppm


Calcium Oxide, Sea Salts, Sulpher, Manesium Carbonate, Iron Oxide, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Bentonite, Magnesium Mica, Magnesium Limestone, Zinc Oxide, Selenium Yeast, Sodium Selenite.

Feeding Instructions

All Livestock: Offer as free choice mineral continuously, or feed with our complete Hy- Brix mineral packages.