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Non-GMO Avena Feed For Your Homestead

Avena feeds is created from Always Non-GMO product. The minerals built in Avena, except for extreme circumstances, virtually eliminate the need to top dress, or supplement your feed. Consider the cost of supplements when comparing to Avena’s built-in naturally mined trace minerals, and black powder humates, who’s high carbon levels increase blood flow and promote microbial activity needed to keep your animals healthy and build an immune system that is effective against most common ailments.

The Story Behind Avena Feed

Avena’s Always Non-GMO family of feeds dates back to 2015. At that time Ferman Wengerd, now at Mt. Hope Elevator, was the Ohio regional sales representative for Natural Way Minerals (NWM). Customers frequently asked Ferman for a feed fortified with minerals. These requests and recognition of ongoing challenges from customers, like lack of conception through the breeding season, parasitic challenges, and other performance issues led Ferman to believe there must be something better and prompted Ferman to do some research. It was during this process that the goal became clear to incorporate minerals into a feed, eliminating the need to top dress a supplemental mineral. This new feed would provide a horse with everything needed for maximum performance.

Soon after, Ferman and Mt. Hope Elevator joined forces to develop the ultimate horse feed to provide optimal protein and fat content along with just the right minerals needed to keep a horse healthy. The decision not to use a pelleted feed also came from the research conducted. This meant using whole grains and avoiding any fillers or by-products.

Multiple farms and horses were offered this new feed for trials. After a period of time, equine owners shared the results of their trials. Better haircoats, parasite reduction, improved conception rates, and improved energy efficiency were all benefits mentioned in the test results.

The Avena name was born and officially adopted in 2020 to clearly identify and separate this Non-GMO feed from the large variety of other feeds mixed at Mt. Hope Elevator. The Avena name is derived from the scientific name for oats in its purest form: Avena sativa. The first change to the original Avena Horse Feed recipe came the following year when the No-Corn Avena Horse Feed was created to provide a calm energy blend for customer’s specific applications.

After experiencing great results with their horses, customers naturally started asking for Avena to feed their other animals. Today, Avena offers a Barnyard Blend developed specifically for the small farm or homestead feeding a variety of ruminants. Avena Layer Mash has become another popular choice for many homesteaders who are concerned about the feed their chickens are consuming before faithfully laying their daily eggs.

Avena continues to develop new, Always Non-GMO recipes for other species of animals. Please contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a Non-GMO feed for a specific animal or application.

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