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We understand that deer hunting is not just a sport; it's becoming part of our culture. That’s why we are here to help you every step of the way, from year-round scouting and research to the exhilarating moment when you have that big one in your scope. Our mission is to support you in facing the challenge and turning your hunting dreams into reality. With our wide range of high-quality minerals that promote antler growth and irresistible deer corn to entice them, we have everything you need to enhance your hunting experience.

KBO Crunch Deer Feed

Developed from one man's pursuit of a healthy herd and the harvesting of world class bucks.

KBO Deer Feed is our most popular deer feed. Here’s the story behind the feed. Brad Snow, owner and operator of Kill’n Buck Outfitters in Killbuck, OH has been hunting whitetails for 36 years. For the last 12, he has been leading world class hunts on his property. Creating a healthy deer herd is his primary goal. Harvesting world class bucks is a result of proper management and nutrition. Through the years, various companies have approached him to promote their products. 7 years ago, frustrated with the performance of those products, he started to blend his own ingredients and experiment on his 4,000-acre ranch. After considerable testing, he started selling Non-GMO KBO Crunch deer feed in 2021. Today, Mt. Hope Elevator is excited to partner with Brad to manufacture & distribute this tremendous feed.

Corn just feeds. KBO attracts. Not only is KBO a Non GMO feed, it is designed to be the ultimate attractant. KBO is tested and proven to draw in bucks and hold them, helping you get that trophy on your wall.

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How To Read A Deer Feed Label

A guide in navigating feed labels...

Comparing and understanding deer feed tags to figure out which feed to buy is a daunting task. It takes some background knowledge to make the jumble of pieces fall into place to reveal the entire puzzle picture.

What a deer feed tag is telling you.

  1. Brand
  2. Product Name
  3. Guaranteed Analysis
    1. Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) dictates which nutrient guarantees need to be listed on feed tags. Min stands for minimum and Max stands for maximum amount of nutrient content in the feed. Some manufacturers choose to include nutrients beyond what is required while others only list those they need to. So keep in mind that even if a nutrient is not guaranteed on the feed tag, it doesn’t necessarily mean the nutrient isn’t in the feed. All nutrients guaranteed on the tag are potentially subject to testing by regulatory agencies to determine whether they are accurate.
    2. When reading deer feed guaranteed analysis, remember that more is not always better. Deer have a maximum tolerance for many nutrients. Sometimes more is just more and sometimes more is worse, even toxic.
    3. The quality of the nutrient is not shown by reading the tag. There are various ways to make a feed with 8% crude fiber, and deer will respond differently depending on what ingredients were used to supply that fiber..
  4. Ingredients
    1. The ingredients are listed in descending order of inclusion. Since there is only a small percentage of flavoring in deer feed, anything listed after flavoring is of very low content. Generally only 1% or less.
    2. There is a lot not shown by reading the ingredient label. Where do the ingredients come from, are they quality tested, what are the by-products made of?
  5. Feeding Directions
    1. A surprising amount of people do not read the feeding instructions. But this tells us if it’s a free choice feed or to be fed at a certain rate. When a product is not fed according to directions, the full nutritional benefits may not be recognized and the feed will not perform as intended.
  6. Manufacturer Information
  7. Bag Weight
  8. Revision Date
    1. Included for manufacturer's use.


Deer Feed Nutritional Tag
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I put KBO out Thursday 1-26-23. I hunted it the first time Sat evening 1-28-23. The second deer in was a buck 22” wide. One guy looked at his teeth and said at least 7 ½ years old. The score wasn’t that great, but needless to say, he went home with me.

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Ask Eli

Eli Miller's employment at Mt. Hope Elevator spans over three decades, during which time he has become renowned for his expertise in addressing livestock problems and delivering solutions. Through the years, people have sought out Eli's advice, and rightfully so. As we’ve grown, so has our number of nutrition experts, resulting in an entire team of "Elis." Their knowledge inspires confidence, and consistently delivers positive outcomes for our customers. Therefore when you ask “Eli”, you’re not just asking Eli, but our entire team of experts. Please submit any questions you may have for our team to “Ask Eli”. We are happy to help you find effective solutions and positive outcomes.

Have a question not listed below? Click here to ask Eli.

Question What is the benefit of a whole grain feed?

Eli's answer The shell of a whole grain is its own natural preservative, thus extending the life of your feed and preventing mold for a longer period of time compared to a cracked grain. This will also prevent clogged up feeders when you get some moisture in your feeder and will extend the life of your feed when you dump your feed on the ground.

Question Why is Non-GMO feed important?

Eli's answer GMO is abbreviated from genetically modified organisms. Many seeds have been genetically modified so you can spray Round-Up on your crops, and it will kill your weeds but not your crop. Non-GMO feed will provide a softer kernel and will be easier for your animals to digest and the feed will be more available to your animals. Non-GMO corn is more digestible and has more feeding value, keeping your herd alive through the winter months.

Question Can I feed KBO off the ground, or does it have to be fed in a feeder?

Eli's answer You can feed KBO Crunch both on the ground or in a feeder. The whole grain will extend the life of the feed on the ground and will improve the flow of feed in your feeder compared to a cracked grain or pellets. Large, mature deer will be more likely to feed from a row of feed compared to a concentrated pile or from a feeder.

Question How does the mineral in the KBO Extreme benefit my deer?

Eli's answer The naturally mined mineral in the KBO Extreme is in the ionic form and thus makes it more bio available to your deer’s gut. This mineral contains humates which promotes blood flow. Healthy blood flow will increase antler growth and an ample milk supply for the fawns in the springtime. The humates are a key resource for overall herd health which can help more deer reach maturity.

Question What time of year should I feed the KBO Crunch versus the KBO Extreme?

Eli's answer KBO Crunch is more of an attractant and is generally fed from early fall through the late deer hunting season. KBO Extreme is a good choice, starting the first of February, with the mineral your deer need for a healthy reproduction rate, milk production for the baby fawns, and the extra calcium and humates will promote antler growth.

Question How can I get a nocturnal buck to my KBO Crunch in daylight hours?

Eli's answer This will be a challenge at its best. However, we have several success stories from hunters who changed their set up. They created a new feed pile 100 – 150 yards away from their existing pile or feeder. Stay away from the pile 4 – 6 days and then plan your hunt carefully. A trail camera can be helpful to know when your trophy is hitting your pile. This has been a successful tactic for some of our customers. Simply moving your stand closer to his bed might do the trick. If he hooks around your KBO Crunch to get the wind before moving in, you can set up for him on that hook. Use trail cameras to get intel on the movement. The distance between bedding and feeding areas is something you want to keep in mind when placing your feeder or feed pile. Place your feeding areas away from the bedding area so your mature deer are out of the bedding area before shooting time is past.