Quality Supplement Tubs

Vitalix was established in 1989 and is an American family-owned company that specializes in quality low moisture cooked molasses supplement tubs. The owner, Greg Olson, was raised on a family farm near Minden, NE where he learned about ranching and how supplements made their cattle more profitable and boosted performance. After doing some research on supplements, he felt the lick tub business would be a great opportunity. He got into the tub market because he saw the need for supplement tubs and what it would do for the health and profit of the animals.

Vitalix offers a complete range of tubs for any season, condition, and forage quality to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock. They have a variety of tubs for cattle, horse, sheep, and goat.

Not All Tubs Are Created Equal

Vitalix uses a proprietary cooking process that maintains and preserves the integrity of nutrients, lick after lick. These tubs are made to order. They are cooked for your specific area/time of year to guarantee the most consistent tub. Vitalix is an American family- owned company passionate about tubs and maximizing your feed dollar. They use superior ingredients in every tub, including products from Diamond V and Zinpro.

The Vitalix Advantage

  • Increased Feed Efficiency by up to 20%
  • Decreased Feed Costs
  • Improved Conception Rates
  • Improved Overall Herd Health
  • Increased Average Daily Gain
  • Increased Weaning Weight
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Why Use Equine Developer – The Ultimate Equine Tub?

Equine DEveloper from Vitalix is made from the highest quality ingredients and fortified with Strong Animals technology to support overall equine health, well-being, and performance.

  • Lysine for growth and muscle development.
  • Biotin for skin and hoof health.
  • Organic 100% bio-available Selenium.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Proprietary Enzyme package for improved gut health.
  • Essential oils for overall health.
  • Prebiotics for strong immune function.
Vitalix Lick Tub