Buckeye Nutrition

100% Equine Focused Company, 100% Safe Ingredients, 100% Med-Free Facility

In business since 1910, Buckeye Nutrition brand is a 100% equine-focused company, passionate about unlocking the full potential of horses through nutrition. They combine science, innovation and a genuine passion for horses to produce the highest quality, safest feed possible. Formulated by advanced degreed nutritionists and produced in a 100% medication-free facility, Buckeye takes feed safety seriously, using only 100% pure, traceable ingredients. These stringent quality standards are backed by Mars Incorporated and the WALTHAM Science Institute, a world-leading authority in equine nutrition.

Buckeye Nutrition’s Mission

Caring for horses is their passion. Buckeye’s mission simply is to provide the highest-quality, safest feed available and best-in-class equine nutritional solutions.

Buckeye Nutrition’s History

The Pocock family of Massillon, Ohio, started the Buckeye Cereal Company in 1910. Quality was the company’s hallmark. They eventually ventured into producing livestock feeds.

In 2005, Mars, Incorporated, also a family-owned company, purchased Buckeye Nutrition, and the focus shifted to premium equine nutrition. Today, Buckeye Nutrition produces its leading products such as GRO N’ WIN™, CADENCE™ and ULTIMATE FINISH™, as well as feeds like EQ8™ Gut Health that are designed to fix problems.

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Buckeye Feeds Have Fixed Formulas

Horses have delicate digestive systems. They thrive best on a regulated diet that stays consistent. While some brands change their ingredient list based on grain prices, Buckeye feeds remain consistent. Buckeye Nutrition ingredients are fixed for quality you can trust. With fixed formulations, their ingredient list never changes. They use the same premium blend in every bag, printing the ingredients directly on the bag so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Because Buckeye Nutrition manufactures all their feeds from one location, they have total control on the final quality of the product. They only use certified suppliers and test all their ingredients for guaranteed traceability.

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