KBO Crunch

Developed from one man’s pursuit of a healthy herd and the harvesting of world class bucks.

The story behind the feed- Brad Snow, owner and operator of Kill’n Buck Outfitters in Killbuck, OH has been hunting whitetails for 36 years. For the last 12, he has been leading world class hunts on his property. Creating a healthy deer herd is his primary goal. Harvesting world class bucks is a result of proper management and nutrition. Through the years, various companies have approached him to promote their products. 7 years ago, frustrated with the performance of those products, he started to blend his own ingredients and experiment on his 4,000-acre ranch. After considerable testing, he started selling Non-GMO KBO Crunch deer feed in 2021. Today, Mt. Hope Elevator is excited to partner with Brad to manufacture & distribute this tremendous feed. 

The Ultimate Attractant

Corn just feeds. KBO attracts. Not only is KBO a Non GMO feed, it is designed to be the ultimate attractant. KBO is tested and proven to draw in bucks and hold them, helping you get that trophy on your wall.

  • Tested and Proven to Draw in Big Bucks and Keep Them There
  • Enhanced With Natural Sweeteners and Candy Apple Flavoring
  • All Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Excellent Flow in Feeders
  • Improve Herd Health & Encourage Antler Growth with KBO Extreme
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The Extreme Difference

KBO Crunch Extreme Deer Feed is the original KBO Crunch recipe fortified with HD200, an ionic deer supplement. These added minerals are known to improve gut health, increase red blood cells, and improve the overall health of your deer herd. Having a healthy herd ensures higher birth rates and will give your bucks a better chance to reach their genetic potential.

KBO Crunch Extreme has the same great features as KBO Crunch Original- all Non-GMO ingredients, enhanced with that candy apple flavoring that deer love, and excellent flow in feeders. An ultimate attractant.

KBO Crunch Deer Feed Bags

KBO Photo Gallery

KBO attracts, and we have the photos to prove it. These large, mature bucks were taken over a KBO pile.

KBO Photo Gallery - 2023 Trophy Harvest

KBO attracts, and we have the photos to prove it.

Left Quote

I put KBO out Thursday 1-26-23. I hunted it the first time Sat evening 1-28-23. The second deer in was a buck 22” wide. One guy looked at his teeth and thought him to be at least 7 ½ years old. The score wasn’t that great, but needless to say, he went home with me.

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