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Pigs, renowned for their intelligence, charm, and versatility, have captivated human hearts for centuries. Whether you're seeking an affectionate pet or aiming to maximize your agricultural endeavors, pigs offer an abundance of possibilities. With a mischievous streak and a love for interaction, these delightful animals will squeal with delight at a simple scratch behind the ear.

No matter if you're a dedicated pork farmer or a proud owner of a pet pig, Mt. Hope Elevator is your go-to destination for all the products you need to keep your porker happy and content.

How To Read A Pig Feed Label

A guide in navigating feed labels...

Comparing and understanding pig feed tags to figure out which feed to buy is a daunting task. It takes some background knowledge to make the jumble of pieces fall into place to reveal the entire puzzle picture.

What a horse feed tag is telling you.

  1. Brand
  2. Product Name
  3. Guaranteed Analysis
    1. Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) dictates which nutrient guarantees need to be listed on horse feed tags. Min stands for minimum and Max stands for maximum amount of nutrient content in the feed. Some manufacturers choose to include nutrients beyond what is required while others only list those they need to. So keep in mind that even if a nutrient is not guaranteed on the feed tag, it doesn’t necessarily mean the nutrient isn’t in the feed. All nutrients guaranteed on the tag are potentially subject to testing by regulatory agencies to determine whether they are accurate.
    2. When reading pig feed guaranteed analysis, remember that more is not always better. Pigs have a maximum tolerance for many nutrients. Sometimes more is just more and sometimes more is worse, even toxic.
    3. The quality of the nutrient is not shown by reading the tag. There are various ways to make a feed with 12% protein, and your pig will respond differently depending on what ingredients were used to supply that protein.
  4. Ingredients
    1. The ingredients are listed in descending order of inclusion. Since there is only a small percentage of salt in pig feed, anything listed after salt is of very low content. Generally only 1% or less.
    2. There is a lot not shown by reading the ingredient label. Where do the ingredients come from, are they quality tested, what are the by-products made of?
  5. Feeding Directions
    1. A surprising amount of people do not read the feeding instructions. But this is actually very important. Pig feed manufacturers formulate feed recipes to be fed at a certain rate. When a product is not fed according to directions, the full nutritional benefits may not be recognized and the feed will not perform as intended.
  6. Manufacturer Information
  7. Bag Weight
  8. Revision Date
    1. Included for manufacturer's use.


Pig Feed Nutritional Tag
Ask Eli

Eli Miller's employment at Mt. Hope Elevator spans over three decades, during which time he has become renowned for his expertise in addressing livestock problems and delivering solutions. Through the years, people have sought out Eli's advice, and rightfully so. As we’ve grown, so has our number of nutrition experts, resulting in an entire team of "Elis." Their knowledge inspires confidence, and consistently delivers positive outcomes for our customers. Therefore when you ask “Eli”, you’re not just asking Eli, but our entire team of experts. Please submit any questions you may have for our team to “Ask Eli”. We are happy to help you find effective solutions and positive outcomes.

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Question How do I determine which feed to use?

Eli's answer We recommend the Avena Pasture Pig feed for your pasture pigs. This feed has the mineral content your pasture pigs need to prevent them from rooting. The 14% Avena Pig Feed will be a good Non-GMO choice if you are feeding regular pigs for market or slaughter. We also offer a 14% Barnyard Buddy for some less money if you prefer a cheaper conventional feed.

Question Why should I feed a Non-GMO feed?

Eli's answer GMO is abbreviated from genetically modified organisms. Many seeds have been genetically modified so you can spray Round-Up on your crops, and it will kill your weeds but not your crop. Non-GMO feed will provide a softer kernel and will be easier for your animals to digest and the feed will be more available to your animals.

Question What is wrong if my pasture pigs are rooting?

Eli's answer Rooting is generally caused by mineral deficiency. Our Avena Pasture Pig Feed is especially formulated & tested to reduce rooting in pasture pigs. This recipe has been tested and approved by the Idaho Pasture Pig Association.

Question Why are my pigs not eating their feed?

Eli's answer Pigs have a low level of toxin tolerance. If your feed has a toxin level over 5 parts per million, they will likely refuse their feed. 

Question What can I feed my sow for more milk production for her babies?

Eli's answer Iron is a key ingredient for blood flow. Both of our Avena pig feeds have humates and calcium to increase blood flow which will increase milk production. Too low protein can also be a detriment in milk production.

Question At what age should I wean my piglets?

Eli's answer Observe them when you feed them. Are they eating your pig starter? 6 to 8 weeks is a normal age for healthy piglets.

Question How do I winter feed my pasture pigs?

Eli's answer Increase the amount of grain you feed by 50% and free choice a high protein hay.