Avena Pasture Pig Feed

Minimizes Desire To Root

Avena Pasture Pig Feed has become a favorite of customers growing pastured pork. This feed, because of its rich mineral content minimizes the pigs desire to root, leaving the pasture in better condition and the pigs more relaxed and healthier. With help from Kristy Zentiska from Himelrigh Farms in Barberton, Ohio, Avena was able to conduct extensive testing utilizing multiple pork farmers that experienced great results, including reduced rooting, and happy pigs that come running when they hear the feed hit the pan.

  • Minerals To Minimize Rooting
  • High Lysine and Protein Content for Fast Growth
  • Fortified with Trace Minerals to Improve Overall Health
50 lb bag

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Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein
    Min 18.0%
  • Lysine
    Min 1.35%
  • Crude Fat
    Min 4.5%
  • Crude Fiber
    Max 3.5%
  • Calcium
    Min 0.3%
  • Calcium
    Max 0.4%
  • Phosphorous
    Min 0.4%
  • Salt
    Min 1.4%
  • Salt
    Max 1.9%
  • Selenium
    Min 0.3ppm


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Feeding Instructions

Feed as the complete ration to pigs on pasture weighing 25 pounds to mature weight. Always provide plenty of fresh water.