NWM Hy-Brix Equine Daily

Top Dress Mineral

NWM Hy-Brix Equine Daily is a premium equine vita?min/mineral/probiotic daily feed supplement has the ingredients, including a f ull spectrum of ionic mineral complexes, needed to support the horse from hoof to hair and everything in between. This mineral is known to improve the gut and aid in immune support.

  • More Energy
  • Feed Conversion
  • Healthy Hooves and Hair Coat
  • Supports Immune System
  • Enhances Gut Efficiency
30 lb bucket

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Guaranteed Analysis

  • Calcium
    Min 6.50%
  • Calcium
    Max 7.00%
  • Phosphourus
    Min 1.00%
  • Zinc
    Min 0.17%
  • Copper
    Min 0.02%
  • Selenium
    Min 15 ppm
  • Vitamin A
    Min 5,000 IU/oz
  • Vitamin D
    Min 2,000 IU/oz
  • Vitamin E
    Min 1,200 IU/lb
  • Total Microorganisms
    Min 40 Million CFU/oz


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Feeding Instructions

Foals and lactating mares: Feed 4 oz. per head per day
Mature horses over 1000#: Feed 3 oz. per head per day
Mature horses over 1400#: Feed 4 oz. per head per day
Growing Colts: Feed 2 oz. per head per day