Deer Mineral Supplement

Using HD200 in year round supplementation plans has yielded postitive results for whitetail deer managers throughout the U.S. The formula of ionic form minerals was developed to improve gut health, increase red blood cells, and improve the overall health of your deer herd. Having a healthy herd ensures higher birth rates and will give your bucks a better chance to reach their genetic potential.

  • Strong Cherry Flavor
  • Promotes Antler Growth
  • Contains High Levels of Trace Minerals
20 lb bucket

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Calcium
    Min 0.08%
  • Calcium
    Max 0.09%
  • Salt
    Min 0.42%
  • Salt
    Max 0.45%
  • Selenium
    Min 0.40 ppm
  • Vitamin A
    Min 86,000 IU/lb
  • Vitamin E
    Min 140 IU/lb
  • Phophorous
    Min 0.23%
  • Magnesium
    Min 0.18%
  • Iron
    Min 7900 ppm
  • Vitamin D3
    Min 23,000 IU/lb


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Feeding Instructions

Feed free choice to deer.